2023 Camp/Combine Schedule

2023 Nebraska Area Camp Schedule

(Note: Your head coach and position coach, at the very least, should approve of these camps before you sign up if your coaching staffs are active in your development.)

Camp DateType$
KansasMay 31Elite Skills $45
Colorado May 31Elite Skills$50
Kansas StateJune 1Elite Skills $50
MissouriJune 2Specialists$60
Lindenwood (Mega Camp)June 2
June 3
Mega Camp
IowaJune 3Big Man$50
Iowa StateJune 3Big Man
Ottawa (KS)June 3Mega Camp$50
NebraskaJune 4Individual $50
MinnesotaJune 4Skills
Big Man
IowaJune 4Elite Skills$50
Northwest Missouri StateJune 4Individiual$65
DrakeJune 4Elite Prospect$70
Nebraska Wesleyan June 5-7K/P$90
DoaneJune 5-6Big Man$140
Iowa StateJune 6Prospect$80
Iowa StateJune 7Prospect$80
Colorado June 7Elite Skills$50
St. Thomas (MN)June 8Individual$75
Kansas StateJune 9Elite Skills$50
NebraskaJune 10Individual
Wyoming June 10 Individual $65
Sioux FallsJune 10 Prospect $50
St. Thomas (MN)June 10Individual $75
Kansas StateJune 11K/P/LS
Augustana (SD)June 11Individual $50
MorningsideJune 11Skills $50
Colorado StateJune 11Big Man$50
Colorado StateJune 11-12QB$250
South DakotaJune 11Individual$65
South Dakota StateJune 12Individual$85
NebraskaJune 13Individual
IowaJune 13Big Man$50
Iowa StateJune 13Prospect$80
MinnesotaJune 14Skills
KansasJune 14OL/DL$45
South DakotaJune 14Individual$65
Iowa StateJune 14Specialists
Colorado June 14OL/DL
IowaJune 15Elite Skills$50
IowaJune 15K/P/LS$95
Colorado StateJune 15Specialists$250
NebraskaJune 16Individual
Nebraska Wesleyan June 16OL/DL$50
Nebraska Wesleyan June 16Top Gun Skills$50
St. Thomas (MN)June 16Individual
DordtJune 17OL/DL$40
DrakeJune 17Elite Prospect$70
Northern IowaJune 18Prospect Camp$65
IowaJune 20Big Man$50
KansasJune 21Elite Skills$45
Spot the Ball Showcase (Ralston)
Multiple Schools
June 22Skills $50
IowaJune 22Elite Skills$50
South Dakota StateJune 22Individual$85
Wyoming June 23Individual $65
Northern ColoradoJune 23Prospect Camp$90
Wayne StateJune 24Elite Prospect$55
Northwestern (IA)June 24Individual$90
Northern ColoradoJune 24Big Man$30
Kansas StateJune 25Elite Skills
Dakota Wesleyan June 25 or 26Individual$50
Augustana (SD)June 26Individual$50
Unsung Heroes Linemen
July 6Linemen $50
Unsung Heroes Linemen
July 7Linemen$50
Sioux Falls July 8Prospect $50
Iowa Western
Hogs and Dogs Linemen
July 8Linemen$60
Unsung Heroes Linemen
July 13Linemen$50
Nebraska-KearneyJuly 15Individual$75
Wayne StateJuly 15Elite Prospect$55
St. Thomas (MN)July 15Individual$75
DrakeJuly 15Elite Prospect$70
Chadron StateJuly 16Individual$65
Northern IowaJuly 17Prospect Camp$65
Unsung Heroes Linemen
Lincoln Southwest
July 21Linemen$50
St. Thomas (MN)July 21Individual$75
DordtJuly 22K/P/LS
Chadron StateJuly 22Individual $65
Northwestern (IA)July 22Individual$90
IowaJuly 22Elite Skills$50
DrakeJuly 22Elite Prospect$70
Nebraska-KearneyJuly 23OL/DL$100
South DakotaJuly 23Individual$65
MinnesotaJuly 29Skills
Big Man
MorningsideJuly 30 Skills$50